From February 2014, the city of Lecce has a new Residence, located in Via Candido No. 20,

near the historic center, a few minutes walk from the most important monuments, the Movida and shopping streets.

At 500 meters from the property is the junction to comfortably reach the sea in a few minutes, whether it is the Adriatic Sea or the Ionian Sea.

On the Via G. Candido there are two adjacent entrances, one of which leads into the courtyard and into the various apartments

and the other leads to the Garage slide.

The Courtyard is a meeting place for conversation and reading for guests.

Both the name and the concept of the structure revolve around the theme of classical mythology, from which our culture is nourished.

The structure is owned by the Leo family, who bought, at the beginning of the 80s, a building land, deciding, in 2010,

to build a receptive structure, with a yard that lasted almost three years.

The frontage respected the architectural norms of the historic houses that flank it, distributing the space of the floors inside.

A young engineer participated in the project, while the executive design was assigned to the company of Daniele Ingrosso.

The choice of name

was born from the classical culture of the owners and the intention to cultivate the same in the editorial choices

of the bookstore present in the structure.

Having made this choice, for consistency, inside, each of the suites bears the name of mythological characters,

with some canvases and quotes in the rooms.

There are, however, frescoes with mythological themes. Wall mosaics are located in the Courtyard.

The floors are in porcelain stoneware with a pearl gray granite effect or with a travertine effect, flanked, in some rooms, by light-colored birch wood parquet.

Design and furnishings

they are modern, but not skinny, functional, practical and with elements of comfort, to make any type of traveler feel at home.

The library contains volumes of various kinds, as well as on travel and Salento.

In the common areas a delicate background music spreads, with a role, however, non-invasive.

Quiet atmosphere

The building was built with anti-seismic solutions and that allow a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

However, despite being close to the historic center, you can enjoy a quiet, peaceful atmosphere surrounded by greenery.

An important aspect of the structure is the use of clean energy sources and technologically advanced, designed to contain energy consumption and pollution.

The VRV air conditioning system is zero emission, with heat pump (RXYQ16P9).

The domestic hot water heating system uses the nuos 250 Ariston heat pump system with anti-legionella sterilization.

Photovoltaic panels contribute to energy supply. The company ethics inspires the daily work of the owners

to respect the environmental and cultural context and refuses standardized hospitality formulas,

preferring a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

The automated system controls the heating and cooling supply parameters for each room.

The access to the rooms is managed with an EPS locking system, with an extended profile, with four levels of security and protection against unauthorized key duplication. The alarm and surveillance system, present inside and outside the structure, has remote telematic control.

The living kitchens are equipped with ceramic glass plates, which allow to cook quickly and without heat loss, refrigerator with freezer, electric oven.


The Residence has two apartments, and one double room, equipped with all comforts.

They are recall, in their name and for some interior details, the mythological world. Some overlook the street and the historic Lecce rooftops, others on a patio and a large flower bed, planted with lemon trees and lush evergreen plants.

In each room, the design is in shades of white, with the presence of canvases, curtains, armchairs or sofas, which create spots of color.

The curtains are triple or roller, with the possibility of creating an atmosphere of intimate twilight or completely darken the rooms.

The apartments are loft and distributed on two floors. You can access the mezzanine floor with an elegant internal staircase made of birch wood

or a Schindler elevator with an innovative traction system and a Schindler device with a GSM remote alarm kit.

The bathrooms are equipped with every comfort. The large shower is bordered by sliding doors or tempered glass walls by Novellini.

The sanitary fixtures, flush with the wall, are from the company Friges and Azzurra, with a Gewerit outlet,

differentiated by two buttons, for water saving.

The washbasins, in white or bordered tempered glass, are fitted with flow reducers and pressure controlled aerators.

In every bathroom, in addition to the products of the courtesy line, there are a hotel-style wall-mounted hair dryer,

a magnifying mirror and an electric heating with Ercos thermostat.

All rooms have air conditioning, 32″ LED TV, desk with minibar, electric kettle with all the necessary for the preparation of tea and a large wardrobe with safe.

Cushions and mattresses, all made in Italy, have been chosen for the maximum comfort of guests.

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The residence has a Private Parking!

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The philosophy

Daughter of the owners, Sara, manage the Residence. She’s graduated in Biology with a master in data manager,

particularly prepared in the culture of hospitality, by family tradition.

Her obvious qualities are enthusiasm, passion and attention to detail. Sara has shared the project from the beginning, taking care of it in every detail and taking inspiration from three fundamental qualities: cleanliness, reliability and courtesy.

The project of the structure, according to the desire of the owners, had the goal of aggregation and family attendance.

Home sweet home, comfortable, pleasant and malleable place, harmonious shelter, daily departure point for the sea and the discovery of Salento.

“Il Cortile delle Esperidi” is the ideal place for every type of traveler: young or old, businessman, families.

The philosophy of the Leo family, of the engineer Nicola Baglivi and of the Ingrosso company, responsible for the construction of the structure, is that of a holistic place, able to create an original home design for your holiday.