The Breakfast Room (Convivium)

it is particularly large and welcoming, adorned with plants, lights and frescoes depicting landscapes of Salento.

It is located in the basement of the building and also accessible from every floor via a convenient elevator.

Here too there is a LED TV and a guest bathroom, as well as a bookstore from which books can be borrowed, some useful to deepen the history and culture of Salento.

WIFI is always free to use even in the breakfast room. A diffused background music in the hall will accompany your morning meal.

In the breakfast room there is also a piano with a 1/4 tail and sometimes some guests delight those present with sweet melodies.

The owners personally take care of preparing various delicacies, inspired by the Salento tradition, especially in Lecce, using genuine, highly territorial products, selected for freshness and quality. The menus are inspired by Salento and not, revisited with a touch of modernity.

All products offered for breakfast are provided with a label that indicates the composition.